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There'll be two Queensryches for a little longer. 

The band's former frontman Geoff Tate has won a continuance in the case, which will decide ownership of the Queensryche name. 

Tate and his ex-bandmates Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, and Scott Rockenfeld have been in a legal battle over the moniker since Tate's high-profile ouster from the group last year. 

The issue was scheduled to be resolved in court in November, but Tate recently filed a request that the case be postponed.  Court documents explain that Tate would like more time to pursue an out-of-court settlement.  They add that there could be as many as 80 witnesses, so his side also needs more time to prepare if the case ends up going to trial. 

While Wilton, Jackson, and Rockenfeld filed an opposition to the continuance, the judge ruled in Tate's favor.  The new court date has been set for January 27th. 

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