Listten to Morrissey on iHeartRadio

Morrissey is returning to music. 

"The Los Angeles Times" says the former Smiths frontman has a new record deal, and plans to return to the studio soon to begin work on his next album.  The upcoming disc, which is expected later this year, will be his first release since 2009's Years of Refusal.  

Details on the contract haven't been announced, but a rep for the singer says Morrissey inked a "multi-album deal" with Harvest Records. 

And Morrissey even though he's signed on with a new label, the rocker hasn't changed his attitude about the music industry. 

In a Q-and-A earlier this month on the Morrissey fan site "True To You," he said radio stations won't play his music, and that it's "generally assumed" that the top spots on the chart "are 'bought' by the major labels."  He added that he doesn't "believe for an instant" that the pop stars who are constantly on TV and in magazines "are remotely popular." 

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