Remember when Led Zeppelin's 4th album came out with the mysterious runes? What do they mean? Jimmy Page never really explained his ZoSo logo. Remember when Prince was having major problems with his label at the time? They couldn't come to an agreement... so Prince removed his name from all current recordings and merch and replaced it with his now famous symbol. I once designed a symbol for myself that somehow ended up inked in on the WSCC FM console. It looked like a KISS lightning bolt S connected to a 1 connected to a Z. I abandoned that because on a jacket pocket, it looked like my name was SIZ and that just didn't have the "ring" to it I wanted. Zimmy, Zippy Rodreman, Zermin, Shame and Twango haunted me through high school and then Tongue in college...SIZ still didn't do it for me. Perhaps not all of us are worthy of a symbol that represents the total embodiment of our very being. Maybe I could use (y ) or !. I better check first to see if Gene $immons owns the copyrights.