This may be the first year since the "Pyramid on the Lake" opened that there wasn't a single stinker in the bunch. I can honestly say that I know of all the inductees and...I have purchased all of their music over the years. This is the first year that the ceremonies will be conducted at an doubt gambling on the four original members of KISS getting together for a few songs...but looks like the Hall rolled snake eyes. For some reason known only to the "owners" of the KISS brand, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons...this will not take place. I understand all the reasons. I really do. For the would be so cool if, for 10 minutes, they could set aside lawyers and contracts and merchandising and marketing...and just jam. Just play a couple songs...say thank you to the fans and call it a day. Nothing against the other living artists being inducted but...I can't see Cat Stevens doing Moon Shadow with bombs, flashpots, blood and smashed guitars. Hall &'em! Linda Ronstadt...adore her. Peter Gabriel is NOT dead and Nirvana without Kurt Cobain is like a unicycle without a wheel. While the four original members of KISS are still living, healthy and sober...who cares if there are some missed chords...there were always missed chords with KISS live. So what if the hair is thin or gone...we are all headed that way...just suck it up and do it. If not for yourselves...for the fans. There...stepping down off my stump.