Bootleg Albums...a lost treasure.

Besides being highly illegal...and usually of poor audio quality...finding & buying a bootleg recording of your favorite rock band was a highly exciting venture. Besides thinking you had something uniquely special to only your collection...there were some bragging rights that came along with the crappy packaging. Two of my favorite out of town places to "snag" bootlegs...Recordsmith in Richmond, KY and Cut Corner Records in Lexington, KY. Here in Somerset there was really only one place to get good quality bootleg recordings of major acts...not on album but on 8-track...and that was LeRoy's. If you took a Deep Purple tape up to the counter...he would say, "You know...I have a nice live recording of the Purple from 1972" and BOOM...I'm selling more plasma and adding to my growing collection. Being an audiophile can be a costly addiction...and it is not an investment. I have tossed out or given away THOUSANDS of dollars worth of albums, 8-tracks, cassettes, reel-to-reels and VHS tapes....all of which are available for free and in best quality on suppose I could have spent my money on worse IRAs and 401Ks. Live and learn....and ROCK!


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