What a disappointment...

I remember the day this album was released. My friend Joe Dobbs borrowed his grandmother's car and drove me to Mike Steele's Records and I bought the first copy right out of the shipping container. Could not get back to Joe's fast enough to hear the "New KISS". Dropped the needle on the virgin vinyl and the arm skipped right across the record to the paper label. UGH! So I stacked some coins on the stylist and dropped it again....OK....starts out kind of heavy....and then...the faces begin. Joe does his, "hhhhhm". And I quickly go to cut #2...then #3...and so on. Maybe side two will be the....nope. What the...??? I know sometimes new music has to grow on you. Every KISS song is not going to be Detroit Rock City first lick....but this album? It never grew on me. For years Joe would talk of the disappointment he witnessed me experience. Like watching your home burn....slowly and completely. I've tried listening with fresh ears every 5 or 6 years since it's 1981 release but....all I hear are the expletives I quietly whispered under my breath the first time I listened to this...this...album.


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