I just got off the phone with the Legendary Gary Wells!

When I was in school...a few times a year you could order books...and when I saw this one...I had to get it. When it finally arrived...I first flipped through the pages and halfway through the book...there was a young man named Gary Wells. This guy was a teenager and he was sailing further and landing them than anyone jumping bikes. Imagine the shock when I got a call today from an Arizona number...and I actually answered it....and the voice said, "Is this The Z Man?" followed by "This is Gary Wells". I nearly wrecked the car. How I got from Hello to work from the bank...I have no idea...but the conversation was awesome! I got to ask him a question that had been burning in my mind since 1980 and he answered me openly and honestly. This cat is the real deal. We talked about some of his jumps but hit upon something near and dear to his heart...or should I say...liver. Gary was diagnosed with Hep C and stage 4 liver cancer. For anyone else...this was certain death. Cancer had never met Gary Wells. Gary is doing fine. I hope he forgives my comment, "Dude, I thought you were dead". Now that we have each other's number...I am hoping to have Gary on one of my upcoming podcasts. Not hope...we WILL do it. *Learned that from Gary*


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