Kentucky Man Distracted By French Fry Crashes Car Into Local Business

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Photo: Getty Images

A peculiar accident unfolded in western Kentucky when a driver's simple attempt to enjoy a French fry took an incredibly dramatic turn, resulting in the collision with an Enterprise Rent-A-Car store located in a strip mall, as reported by Henderson police.

The unexpected incident began when the driver, in the midst of choking on the single French fry, decided to pull over to the side of the road in an attempt to alleviate the situation. However, the crisis escalated when control of the vehicle slipped from the driver's grasp, resulting in an unexpected collision with the Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

First responders had to extricate both the driver and passenger from the mangled car, though fortunately, their injuries were minor. They were promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention, as confirmed by the police.

A witness to the peculiar crash, Patricia Grossman, admitted that she had never truly considered the perils of eating while driving, a common practice for many. She expressed her newfound awareness, remarking, "It's not something I've ever thought about, but now will definitely think about it more."

Despite the unusual circumstances, Enterprise Rent-A-Car swiftly resumed its operations, marking the conclusion of this bizarre incident in western Kentucky.

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