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Ozzy Osbourne Will Sue Surgeon Who Performed His 2019 Spinal Operation

Photo: Getty Images North America

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne plan to sue the doctor who performed surgery on Ozzy following his 2019 trip-and-fall that sent him to the hospital.

Ozzy underwent his third neck surgery in four years this past June. He tells Rolling Stone that his recovery hasn't been easy, but he's finally making real progress now that problems from the initial operation have been corrected.

"I'm doing as good as I can be, considering the f---ing crap," he said. "If you'd have seen me a year or so ago, you'd have thought, 'No. No way.' I couldn't f---ing move because of what the guy did wrong on the first surgery."

That's when Sharon chimed in.

"We're going to sue," she said. "You just don't want other people to go through what you've gone through. It's a f---ing nightmare. But here we are today, and life is better."

Ozzy was rushed to the hospital after tripping in his bedroom and falling on a nightstand late at night in early-2019. The impact of the fall dislodged metal rods and screws in his neck and shoulders that were placed there after a near-fatal ATV injury in 2003.

Ozzy endured five hours of surgery, but didn't come out much better for it.

Sharon told The Sun later that year that she and her family were so scared for Ozzy that they "didn't ask the right questions" before sending him in for the operation. Ozzy'd doctors soon suggested to the family that Ozzy should not have undergone that operation at all.

While he still has much work to do to get back on tour, Ozzy has made progress after the most recent operation. He says performing a full concert again remains his sole focus after losing the last three years due to his injury and the pandemic.

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