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My Office is shaping up!

A few years ago...I was trying to talk to my boss on the phone...he couldn't hear me for the noise in the background. He asked if I could shut the door to my office. When I explained to him that not only did I not have an office...I didn't even have a desk...he instructed my market manager to find me an office. At that time...the only room with a door available was a storage closet. So...that became my office. I had a desk and a was good. What I didn't have....was room for anything other than the old printers, ceiling tiles, file cabinets and decommissioned computers. A few weeks ago...we had a mass clean up day at the radio station. We had 70 years of "things" that served no purpose just stacked up in every corner of the building. So we chucked 40 yards of "things" and now we have clutter free being my office! Now...I feel like a member of a team rather than a non-functioning printer! Change your surroundings...and everything else will benefit! Welcome to The Rock Block...Wednesday variety! ~Z~

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