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Happy Birthday, Robert Johnson

My wife and I took a little trip down to Mississippi to pay our respects to the man that had and still has an incredible impact on today's music. When we got to the information station and asked for directions to the cemetery...the girl working the counter did not know who Robert Johnson was. Needless to say...we found our way to Little Zion M. B. Church just off Money Road February 22, 2014. When we arrived...we were the only ones there. Like when we flew to Seattle and visited Jimi Hendrix's final resting place...I expected lots of people to be there...but there was no one but Jimi's grave...and now at Mr. Johnson's. I had hoped to feel something extraordinary or special. Soak up some sort of mojo...but I felt nothing. It was one more thing scratched off my bucket list...but the real magic is not at the graves of is their music that is immortal.

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