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Fireworks Mishap At The Z Man Home Last Night

Last night, my family and I decided to finish off some fireworks...bad idea. I thought I had taken all precautions...far from the house...placed on a flat, stable surface...uh...didn't matter. We had a firework called "Tail Gator". This was a gathering of multiple tubes that each tube contained a first stage of sparkling showers...followed by a second stage...ball of explosives. As the series of tubes ignited off the one before it...the wrapping that contained the tubes either burned away or was split by the concussion of the fireballs launching one by one. The next to the last one fell over and shot into the yard...exploding into a cloud of thick smoke and bright lights. The final tube shot directly at the house, my wife, our daughter and me. A fireball whizzed by my wife's head...the dense wadding that separates the sparkles from the exploding ball of madness hit our daughter in the back and I caught a fireball in the side of the head...luckily it exploded after bouncing off my face. Stop drop and roll flew out the window as we all ran like clients fleeing the asylum. Our neighbors came out to identify the source of the smoke, explosions and screams.'s just the Zimmerman family...again. 

Grace of God...our daughter was not hurt other than the initial sting of the wadding hitting her. My hair will grow back...I hope and my wife was not harmed at all. Lesson learned...let the neighbors do the fireworks...and observe them from behind closed windows or doors. Celebrate safely, my friends!

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