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The Lost Christmas Album

Hall & Oates were coming off a world tour in support of their 2x multiplatinum album H2O when the pair decided to "take a break". So...I approached John Oates with possibly doing a Christmas album together. He thought I was talking about he and Daryl...not he and I so he said no. I tried again and when I explained it would be he and I...he made up some lame excuse that because of our would be too confusing for the fans. I think it was because I was a foot taller but that's just me. So...I approached Daryl Hall with the idea and he LOVED it! Fall of 1983 we entered the studio and 5 days later...we had our album. A 12 song collection of traditional Christmas songs and one that I had written called, "What's Stuck In My Stocking?". Pressed and ready to hit the market and radio...then Daryl got a call from John. When Daryl found out that I had gone to John first with the idea...he was furious! The label pulled the album...John and Daryl got back together and hit multiplatinum in 1984 with their Big Bam Boom album and tour....and the they history. So...Hall & Oates are welcome! *Totally made up...I do things like this when I have too much time on my hands. See More

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