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I've put it off for way too long...

I am ashamed to admit it...but I haven't been to see a dentist in...12 years. I know...I know! I had a bad experience at my last cleaning and I just kept putting it off. Now...before something "needs fixing" or starts hurting...I made an appointment for Monday with my new dentist and his team to see what may be going on and to get a cleaning. I had all my old fillings taken out and replaced with nice "tooth tone" filler, had a nice new front tooth created, bonding and ZOOM bleaching for a mega-grill...but after 12 years of coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper...the only pretty tooth in my the fake one right up front. So...after a good cleaning and a good consult with Dr. Hardy Monday...perhaps we can get my smile back to awesome! Stay tuned!

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