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Twelve Drummers Drumming

Our daughter recently had her backpack stolen right out of her classroom at her middle school.  This brought back memories of when I was going to play my snare drum in a school assembly in elementary school. We had rehearsed on a Friday for a Monday assembly. My teacher told me to just leave my snare drum, stand and sticks in it's Slingerland case on the would be safe there. Imagine my horror Monday morning when I bent down to open my case and...GONE! My brand new silver Slingerland snare drum was gone. Turns out...there had been a high school dance that Saturday night and I assume the drummer for the band that played needed a backup snare...and took mine. Just like with our daughter's "We're sorry for your loss" or "We'll try to get it back for you"....just a valuable lesson not let go of your stuff. So every year I hear the Twelve Days of Christmas...I get that sick feeling of loss and that anger for wanting bad things to happen to those that took our stuff. I see I need to work on my Christmas Spirit some. Happy Hump Day!  

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