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I know Classic Rock because I lived it!

The good old days...when the die hard fans could stay out all night at the ticket office to be the first in line when they opened the next morning...insuring your front row center position for your favorite groups. Now...with electronic scalping and sponsor block seating...real fans have a better shot at getting balcony or "nose bleed" seats. Sad really. When $7 would get you in to see three $7 won't buy you a beer at a concert. I guess gas was once a nickel a gallon and cars sold new for 2 grand...but hundreds of dollars...I mean HUNDREDS of dollars for lower arena seating? Thousands of dollars to "meet and greet" the artists? What we need is a super group to come along and...nah...attorneys, promoters and managers would never allow that. Happy Hump Day! 

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