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I miss Elvis

I know...I know...he was a glutton...he was a drug addict...he was this...he was that...what Elvis was...was a man. He was human. He was born and raised dirt poor. He was bullied and made fun of. He had everything in life going against him...and he beat it. He went from nothing to having it all. Money...fame...all the trappings. Did he handle his success correctly? No. Did he handle his personal life as he should have? No. All I ask is this...put yourself in his position. This doesn't excuse anything. It simply puts it into focus. He certainly had many flaws...but he did a lot of good. Some we know about...some we will never know about. Let's not focus on the negative. Let's focus on his talent. Was he a great song writer? No. I don't know that he ever wrote an original song. Was he a great actor? Was he the greatest singer? Some say no. Many say yes. So what was it? I think it was his charisma. He just had "it". Men wanted to be him. Women wanted to be with him. As for me...I loved and love his voice. Many of his songs that he performed...this was my first exposure to the songs. When I hear the original versions...they pale in Elvis' version. I think if there is anything one can take away from the careful who your friends are...and be particular as to who you sign on with as management. I'm not sure why this hit me today...but it did...and so I share with you my thoughts. Long live the King!

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