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Feeling Empowered

I've been in a professional slump for some time. Can't really put my finger on it but I made a careless mistake a few weeks ago...and it was a blessing in disguise. Things that had been delegated to others and things that evolved around me...that are and have always really been "my baby" are responsibility. I couldn't wrap my head around several things that I should have been doing and creating years ago. is crystal clear. Now...rather than awaiting a problem to "fix"...I am being proactive. I look for things that could go wrong and implement measures to insure they do not fail. All of these things will go unnoticed to that average listener...but the overall sound will be and is SO much better. Where I was afraid of not knowing things...I have become enlightened and empowered. If I can't figure something out...I go to someone that can help me...and they do...gladly. So...rather than celebrating another "Throwback Thursday"...I am enjoying a "Throwforward Thursday". Here is to today...and the days ahead! 

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