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The other night...I bedded down for a long (6 or more hours) night's sleep...and during my slumber...I dreamt that I had gone to a foreign land and made my way to a butcher and sandwich stand. I order a burger and pay with my debit card. I wait and wait and then I step away...killing time until my burger is ready. I walk back to the stand and on the counter is a huge platter of steaks and think...I'll buy some meat while I'm waiting on my burger. The steak looks so good...I start eating it raw. Now...I like my steaks medium rare and can eat them rare...but raw? This should have been a clue to me that I may be dreaming this the lady approaches with what I believe to be my burger....and as I go to retrieve my debit card from my wallet to pay for the meat I have consumed and wish to purchase...she grabs the steak from my hand and takes all the meat off the counter...all the while yelling something that I figured was not "Hey You Won A Side Of Beef".... more like "You Are Going Away For A Long Time". She takes the meat through the prep room doors and returns with two police officers, an angry man I took to be her husband and the lady. I explained to them that I had paid for a burger...was still waiting on it...and that I was going to pay for the meat that I had eaten and set aside. With 4 angry people staring at me ... I reached inside my wallet to pay them and...NO DEBIT CARD...NO CREDIT CARD...NO or flight. I took off running. Then I woke up. Then I had a fried egg white on a thin plain bagel for breakfast. I do have an insatiable craving for a thick, juicy filet mignon  ... medium rare...or maybe...nah!

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