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Lunch at work

No more three plate lunches at King Buffet. No more swings through the drive-thru and ordering a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, fries and a diet. No more feeding the vending machine depleting A5 and B5 of Cheetos and Jalapeno Cheetos. It's time to get back down to or close to 200...again. When I was down to 217 last year...I felt good and I could wear XL shirts. Now...I feel like an old shoe and the XXL shirts are back. I've been exercising for a week or so. So now the most difficult part for me...eating healthy and proper amounts. So today I enjoyed 6 1/2 Brussels sprouts, three slivers of red pepper, one sliver of yellow pepper, some onion and some chicken breast. Amazingly...I am full and I have gas money for the weekend! Peace out!

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