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My tribute to "Uncle Brad"


I met Brad Wilson the first day of 7th grade at Meece Middle School. He was my desk mate. Brad was a year or two older than the rest of us. He had been affected by polio as a child and had a withered leg but it never slowed him down or stopped him from doing anything. It gave him a very cool swagger for the time. Brad was a big guy. His arms were as big around as my legs. If someone started something...Brad finished it. He kept me entertained. If I had an extra pencil...I gave it to Brad. If he had some extra paper...he gave it to me. He was articulate. His pronunciation of the counties and county seats in Coach Jewell's History Class was precise and perfectly executed. He could imitate anyone. He was an entertainer and a good soul. He stopped a fist that was heading toward my face one day in the hall...and the owner of that fist never picked on me again...ever. Brad got promoted on to 8th grade and then on to high school that same year. Years later...I'd bump into "Uncle Brad" and he was just like buddy. We lost Brad years ago due to medical problems. The world is in need of a lot more "Uncle Brad"s. Cheers, Buddy! 

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