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I have the best job in the world!

I can remember back as early as being two years old and being fascinated with radio. When I was a year or two mother would call the local radio station in Williamsburg and have me request a song. Hearing the voice on the phone that I heard on the radio was cool! Then getting to hear the song I asked to hear...magic! I had a crystal radio that was shaped like a rocket. If I clipped it to the phone base...I could hear radio stations from around the area...and without needing electricity or batteries! One Christmas...I asked for two cassette recorders. When asked why I wanted two...I explained it was so I could record commercials and conduct interviews with myself by pinging audio from one to the other. I listened to Double Q and WOKI as a teen and my dream was to work at a classic rock station. BOOM! Dreams do come can happen to you! I hope whatever your passion may be...that you get to do what your heart desires. It is as exciting today as it was when I walked in the door September 9th 1985 to apply for a job here...and they put me to work! Do what you love and love what you do! It certainly beats working for a living!

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