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#tbt Evel Z Man circa 1975

There was nothing more thrilling than to set up a jump..."borrow" some of the neighborhood kids' Big Wheels...line them a takeoff ramp and a landing ramp...and jump them suckers. I loved it! I still have a desire to park just two cars side by side and do a ramp to ramp jump with a bicycle. I had two really bad crashes during my daredevil in 6th grade where I did a jump on a borrowed bike and landed on my face...I lost a tooth on that crash....and a broken clavicle, radius and ulna on a crash in 8th grade. I hit a tree in midair. I use to go around the neighborhood and place homemade flyers in mailboxes promoting my upcoming jumps as Evel Keith (My middle name...Keith not Evel) and kids would come watch me either sail or fail. I was hungry for attention and adrenaline. Now that I am older and wiser...I still long to do the two car side by side jump on a bike many of our childhood fantasies...probably will never happen...but it could! Happy Thursday!  

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