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Have any old tickets that you didn't get to use?

It's only happened a few times but when it sucks! I had front row seats for KISS back in 1976...snow and ice caused a big fat NO GO so I ate those tickets. Van Halen had a show in Lexington...I had great tickets...Eddie Van Halen broke his thumb....played Cincy...but cancelled Rupp. I got my money back on those. Again...KISS was playing Rupp with Slaughter and some other band. Paul Stanley had hurt or broken some ribs and KISS pulled out but...the other bands offered to play anyway. So...I could get a full refund on my ticket and not go...or I could get some money back and go see Slaughter and whoever the other band was....Wunger maybe? I have an unused Sabbath ticket, ELO ticket and Kansas ticket. I don't even remember what happened that I couldn't make those shows...but...I have some nice souvenirs of shows unseen.

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