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The Thanksgiving I Bagged $500

Thanksgiving Day a few years ago yielded me no rabbits....but it did score me $500! My grandfather and great grandfather took me rabbit hunting as was the tradition back then. I was 13...kicking around the brush piles trying to scare up a rabbit when I kicked a safe! The door had been cracked open but there were several documents still inside such as IOU's, deeds, Certificates of Deposit, wills.......but no cash. We took the information back to my grandfather's home (pre cell phone) and contacted the owner. He met us there at the site of the safe. He said it had been stolen from his home months before. He was very happy to recover the contents....many were the only copies he had. He told me an amount of cash that had been in the safe...but that is between Mr. Frost and the IRS now. wink emoticon;) Anyway...there was a $500 reward for the return of the safe...and if it lead to the arrest and conviction of the perps...I could have been up for an additional $2,000.....never happened but....I was pleased to put $450 in the bank and "blow $50" anyway I wanted!

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