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I'm going to open my own fast food joint!

It's almost comical. I order a sandwich...a fry...and a soda. I pay and am told to pull forward so my food will be fresh. I am handed a bag, a cup and "I'm sorry for your wait" back to the bag...wrong type fries. Did I ask for curly fries? No. Regular fries, please. I open a sandwich wrapper that I can tell by the size and is not what I ordered....and it wasn't. Shaking my head...I take a sip of my diet soda....OH WAIT....I mean my ROOT BEER. Could it have been because the sheriff and his deputies were eating in that the person in charge of getting orders correct was hiding in the freezer? I don't know. Someone is probably as confused by what they are choking down. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they take a big long sip of Diet Coke expecting Barq's Root Beer. Then it hit me....I should open an eatery called "You Get What You Get". No waiting. You pull up...I say, "Hey...that will be $7.89...please pull forward". No waiting for anyone to open the bag and look....because...You Get What You Get. You don't like it...don't eat it. Have a nice day. Come again and come often.

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