Robby Krieger Says His Memoir Exposed The Mistakes In The Doors Movie

In 1979, the best-seller Jim Morrison biography ‘No One Here Gets Out Alive’ was published. Four years later, ‘Alive, She Cried,’ the album that featured unreleased live recordings, was released. The second revival of interest, which attracted new fans, took place in 1991, after the release of the biopic ‘The Doors.’

Oliver Stone directed ‘The Doors,’ and Val Kilmer portrayed Jim Morrison in it. Stone created the film’s script from numerous interviews set with people Morrison knew, picked several of the band’s songs, and added storylines to each of them. However, the Doors members didn’t like the outcome because it focused on Morrison and didn’t portray the events accurately.

In a recent interview with Goldmine Magazine, Robby Krieger talked about these issues and said he didn’t wish to fuel the flames with his statements. However, the guitarist admitted that he decided to reveal the truth with his memoir. According to Krieger, writing about his battle with addiction was tough, but he wanted to expose how addiction negatively affected Morrison’s life.

“I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. But finally, I just said, ‘Well, somebody’s got to set the record straight.’ This book will debunk all the stuff in the movie that’s wrong. And hopefully set everybody straight about how it really was.

It was a little bit tough writing about my heroin problems. I could have left it out, but I think people want to know about that stuff, and I think it shows how anybody can get caught up in it. You know, that was the last thing I thought I would ever do, especially after watching Jim Morrison and his decline with it, mostly with liquor, but it’s all the same kind of stuff.”

Robbie Krieger spent a long time writing his memoir ‘Set the Night On Fire: Living, Dying, And Playing Guitar With The Doors.’ Released on October 12, 2021, the book reveals never-before-told truths about the band’s career and Krieger’s own struggles.


Photo: AFP

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